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Tap the new energy industry to the energy Internet

Time:2017-07-08 Views:413
At present, the world population, the Internet of things, the rapid development of industry and the change of climate environment are working together to promote the high speed of energy demand and the deep optimization of energy structure. The acceleration of urbanization, digitization and industrialization has led to an unprecedented energy efficiency challenge and energy dilemma. Once energy is transformed into a visual flow of information flowing through the Internet, waste will no longer exist. The productivity of the factory, the internal operation and the management efficiency of the factory will be greatly improved. 
The energy Internet is a new form of energy industry that integrates the Internet and energy production, transmission, storage, consumption and energy markets. It can break the original relatively independent boundaries of different kinds of energy, on the basis of the advanced information technology to form energy networks in power system as the core, a variety of types and various forms of transportation network highly integrated system of new type of energy supply and utilization. On the horizontal, it can achieve different types of energy to complement each other; On the longitudinal, it can realize energy development, production, transportation, storage and consumption of the whole process of "source - net - load - store" coordination, to adjust energy structure, improve energy efficiency in China, forming new economic growth point, etc all have important significance. The outline of China‘s 13th five-year plan proposes to "build a" source - net - - - - - - - - - - - - - - storage - - - - - - - - - - - storage - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
"Energy Internet represents the future energy development direction of the world and is one of the important means to promote the energy revolution." Xiamen progress constant ChengHengCheng co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "progress constant ChengHengCheng") new energy Li Yuanzi division general manager, told reporters that "the division China heng sheng is the positive energy of the Internet market, recently filed for ‘weak power grid based on green energy trading wisdom distribution cloud platform pilot demonstration projects included in the national energy administration‘ first" Internet + "wisdom energy (energy) Internet demonstration project, the project to energy supply and demand of distributed photovoltaic (pv) and industrial park as the core, the use is made of the existing division China heng sheng photovoltaic inverter, stored energy converter, charging pile, such as system solutions, photovoltaic (pv) planning, construction and operation, improve the industrial park of renewable energy, to achieve the low carbon supply of energy, adjust the energy structure of industrial park; through long wisdom platform construction layout, unique energy Internet three operating platform: intelligent operations platform, energy management platform, intelligent power platform, can improve the use safety and reliability, reduce the energy cost, shorten the investment recovery period, achieve the goal of comprehensive promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy trading business model innovation, building energy trading platform, by photovoltaic direct, point-to-point flexible transaction, yu electric online, participate in regulating trade a variety of ways and form, implementation of renewable energy in participating and benefit sharing; develop energy facility operations, users can set custom, such as new services, achieve energy online trading mode innovation.." The reporter learned that the company has built a smart micro network inside xiamen enterprise park and is practicing the energy Internet. 
In fact, the reason why kohuazheng digs into the energy Internet is related to the genes of cohua heng sheng. Founded in 1988, shenzhen A shares listed in 2010, and over 29 years, the focus on power electronics technology has become the domestic UPS power leading enterprise. For technical homologous, division China heng sheng also has in the field of inverter technology and distribution network advantages, relying on their own advantages, division China heng sheng in the field of new energy, photovoltaic, energy storage, such as micro network field rapidly expand the market in a short time, become the top market of enterprises. 
The 2017 China IT market annual conference featuring "smart age • digital economy" is held in Beijing. Can with base, YunJi, new energy three business system in market performance, progress constant ChengHengCheng at the annual meeting won five awards: 2016-2016 "China‘s high-end UPS domestic brands market share first" "China‘s high-end market successful companies of the year" UPS "China green data center market annual successful enterprises" "China‘s inverter market fastest annual growth enterprise" "charging pile market annual fastest growing companies in China". The market has the best recognition and trust for the achievement of kohuazheng. It is worth mentioning that the new energy industry has gradually cooled down after the previous heat, and the hidden worries of excess capacity have been expanding. Li Yuanzi think about it, since the current energy crisis need to improve energy efficiency, environmental pollution problems to promote energy structure adjustment and clean alternative and energy replacement, so the new energy development is not excess, but also to develop, such as the distributed energy, solar energy storage piconets, cold and hot electric trigeneration, energy, the Internet will have huge market potential. At the same time, the state is also promoting the development of this industry through various modes, such as the energy Internet + project which we declare is a good proof. The company will continue to develop new energy industries with the advantages of power electronics technology, storage technology and Internet technology, and continue to increase input.